A Maid of Honor Guide: Duties & Gift Ideas

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With talks of the wedding coming up between you and your fiancé, the following months are about to be some of the most exciting times of your life! You might start looking into wedding planners to help you map out the entire journey from the cake, the dress, the venue, the catering, invites, and more. Or maybe you feel confident enough to tackle your wedding day on your own with a bit of help from your groom and friends – we respect that!

But before you make any of those decisions, here’s the first order of business: choosing your bridesmaids and your maid of honor, of course. There’s no question that every bride-to-be needs the support of the people closest to her, but especially more so from her very own maid of honor.

Ever since we can remember, a maid of honor serves as the trusty friend that every bride can rely on. The maid of honor helps the bride get through the pre-wedding planning process, the wedding ceremony, the joyful reception, and even the aftermath of it all. A maid of honor is more than just a friend, a close relative – they’re the empowering heroines of things that happen behind the scenes! But no heroine is a one-woman show. If your maid of honor needs some help check out our list of the best wedding apps and websites to support you and her with the planning.

Every bride should be aware of certain maid of honor duties when it comes to choosing which of your best gal pals gets the title. Best of all, we even included a few gift ideas to let that special someone know you appreciate them for all their time and hard work!

What a Maid of Honor Does

A maid of honor helps plan the pre-wedding events such as the bachelorette party, engagement party, wedding dress shopping and assists with the wedding planner and wedding coordinator. They can even help with getting the marriage license, creating the wedding invitations, organizing the wedding timeline, and briefing the ring bearer and flower girl on their duties. They are the stalwarts of the bridal party that help keep everything on track.

1. Helps Out with Wedding Planning

Whether you’re checking out different venues, searching florists, going to wedding gown fittings, organizing the guest book, a maid of honor is usually there every step of the way. She’s your moral support through stressful instances and the second opinion you may need for reassurance.

Unsure if the cake you’re trying might just be too sweet or if these centerpieces are the right color for the theme of your wedding? Your maid of honor may have the answer you’re looking for. Need help keeping the groom’s friends in the wedding party in line? The maid of honor can handle that. Want to run through some wedding menu ideas? Give her a call. If you’re planning to travel, she can also help you select the best location for a destination wedding.

2. Organizes and Coordinates All the Bridesmaids

Let’s face it, weddings can get hectic. Anything can happen at any given moment no matter how carefully you planned your ceremony. Maybe one of your bridesmaids accidentally grabbed the wrong dress from the cleaners so she’s not wearing the “right” shade of pink like the others (oh no!) No matter what situation arises, you can trust your maid of honor to help you remain calm and figure out the perfect solution.

3. Plans the Bridal Shower and the Bachelorette Party

That’s right, your trusty maid of honor usually takes charge of planning a bridal shower and bachelorette party for the bride-to-be. But of course, not without the help of all your wonderful bridesmaids as well! The maid of honor will play hostess and coordinator for you to get the special attention you deserve.

4. Presents the Maid of Honor Speech

During the reception or rehearsal dinner, the maid of honor usually makes a heartfelt speech about the bride, their friendship, and her journey to finding “the one.” Prepare to laugh from revisiting embarrassing memories and cry from the most earnest words shared by your best friend.

Gift Ideas for Your Maid of Honor

1. Art Imitates Life

Turn a cute photo of you and your maid of honor into a painted masterpiece! Found some pictures from a tropical vacation you took together a few years ago or from a Friday night out? Bring those memories back to life by having a canvas painting created of the exact photo. Not only would your maid of honor be thrilled to display this on her wall, she’ll always be reminded of the most important memory to the perfect friendship!

2. The Perfect Shade

Almost every girl has a favorite eyeshadow palette, but what if we told you that you can make your own? Z Palette allows you to design your own eyeshadow palette and personalize it to be the cutest addition to your maid of honor’s makeup collection. Then purchase any individual shades that are sure to make her eyes pop and add them to the magnetic base to keep them snug in place. Soon enough, your gift will definitely be her go-to palette for every occasion!

3. The Vintage Soundtrack

Music boxes have always been nostalgic for us; they remind us of the tinkling lullabies we heard as kids, and they’re just pretty to listen to. So if your maid of honor is a fan of the classics, we think that a custom music box is the choice for her! Create a lullaby version of her favorite tunes and revisit those fun times you belted the lyrics of the same song during traffic jams or karaoke nights.

There’s no denying that a maid of honor is essential when it comes to helping the bride-to-be get through her big day. With having to take on a lot of responsibilities to support you, it’s only fitting that you show some love to your best friend in return.

Here at The Bouqs, we believe that sending flowers to your loved ones is the sincerest way to get your feelings across. We know that you appreciate your maid of honor for everything she’s done for you and your upcoming wedding, which is why we’re offering the freshest blooms to convey your gratitude. Happy shopping!

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