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The Complete Guide to Planning a Post Covid Wedding

Posted by Bella Blogger on

Last year’s wedding season looked extremely different than those we (and our Pinterest board) are used to. Over 90% of couples decided to modify or postpone their nuptials in observance of COVID regulations. Yet it seems we’re nearing the end of the tunnel. Many couples are ready to hold larger ceremonies and receptions again. This gives couples much-needed breathing room in reigniting their party-planning engines.

Before you start planning your post-COVID bash there are a number of factors to consider. You should start by asking yourself a few questions. What is the guest count you’re aiming for? Which venue are you considering for a wedding location? Have you thought about your wedding vendors? You might always talk to your guests and gauge how they feel about certain things. Do they want to wear masks or prefer everyone has a negative COVID test or are they okay with unvaccinated guests?

Encourage couples to share their concerns and remind everyone that health and safety comes first. These questions might sound uncomfortable but there is COVID-related planning that couples should be aware of heading into their 2021 ceremonies. You could also try some fun options like designing and including custom wedding masks as wedding favors.

Check Your City’s Guidelines

Because each state, county, and city might have different guidelines and restrictions, you want to make sure you’ve done your due diligence. These guidelines recommend, and in some cases enforce, guest capacity and limitations on indoor vs outdoor weddings. It is essential to check in periodically during your planning process to ensure your wedding adheres to local safety precautions.

This becomes extra important if you’re looking into traveling to one of the best destination wedding locations. Where you plan to travel might have different guidelines than your hometown so be sure to check the guidelines from where the wedding will be held.

Be Flexible with Your Wedding Date

The next step is to pick a date for your wedding day! If you live in a state where things are still in flux regarding regulations, it would be best to not put all your eggs in one save-the-date basket too far out. For early save the dates you might want to give a range or mention that when the official wedding invitations go out, there will be a confirmed date. While the picture is much more clear for 2022 than it was in 2020, you might still want to be a little flexible when planning a year in advance. You might still want to make adjustments if the situation calls for it. You’re a sucker for summertime weddings like us, just stay flexible to prioritize your safety.

Discuss COVID-Friendly Options with Wedding Vendors

The vendor landscape has changed drastically, with each category from catering, florals, seating, and venue advertising COVID-friendly packages. Caterers might lean towards plated dinners as opposed to buffets. Venue managers could recommend outdoor seating layouts or new air filtration systems for indoor events while maintaining social distancing. DJs and bands can plan for outdoor weddings and many

Here at Bouqs, we offer no-contact delivery of wedding flower packages and DIY bouquets and virtual assistance for choosing your dream collection. Regardless of whether you want a full collection of white wedding flowers or you just need some wedding boutonnieres, we can help you with the exact package that works for your post COVID bash.

Offer a Virtual Option

Everyone has experienced a different comfort level with public gatherings during COVID, and that includes the people on your guest list. For invitees who have yet to receive the vaccine or others that are still hesitant to commune in large crowds, setting up a virtual component to your wedding will make your nuptials more inclusive in the post-pandemic era. A continuous live stream or scheduled virtual happy hour with at-home guests are great ways to connect with the loved ones unable to celebrate in person.

Encourage Guests to Get Tested

For the guests able to attend, consider politely asking them to get a COVID test ahead of your big day. Even though many of your guests will be vaccinated by then, the vaccine doesn’t prevent the spread of infection, which means non-vaccinated guests could still be at risk. If asking guests to get tested seems too invasive, inform your loved ones of that decision, because honestly is the best policy when it comes to planning a post-COVID reception.

Set Up a Wedding Website

As regulations and vaccination schedules change, your wedding plans might as well. Naturally, your guests are going to have many questions as to how you’re handling all these tweaks. Instead of fielding a wave of texts every time the governor makes an announcement, set up a website that shares all of your up-to-date wedding happenings.

In addition to posting beautiful engagement photos and your unique love story, there should be an FAQ section that keeps your loved ones in the loop. If maintaining a site seems like an arduous task, there are multiple services that send texts or email updates to subscribers, allowing you to send updates to your RSVP list.

Flowers for your Post COVID Ceremony and Reception

We’re all breathing a collective sigh of relief as COVID danger lessens, but while we’d like to move on completely, couples should still be mindful when planning post-COVID events. The last thing you want to worry about during your wedding is the health and safety of your guests. This list of ways to keep your ceremony and reception safe is a start to put your mind at ease.

The Bouqs Weddings is here to help you make sure your wedding day is the best day of your life in the post-pandemic era. We’ll help you find the blooms you want whether you’re on a budget and looking for cheap wedding flowers or you have a theme and want some blue wedding arrangements to match your decor, we’ll help you get the perfect flowers for your wedding

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