Why Do Brides Carry Bouquets at Weddings?

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Everyone loves to see the bridal bouquet at a wedding—it adds an air of romance and elegance to any ceremony. But did you ever stop to ask yourself “where did the bouquet originate?” Well, the original intent of the bridal bouquet was to cover up the smell of the bride. Yes, that’s right; in medieval times brides (and grooms…and all the guests) were exuding a lot more than just romance. From covering up body odor to serving as an aphrodisiac, here’s more information about the origin of the bridal bouquet.


A Lovely June Bride

June is an incredibly popular month for weddings, and it has been for a long time. These days people choose June dates because the weather tends to be favorable. In the Middle Ages, there was a very different reason for June’s wedding popularity. Many people of the time only bathed once a year, and that bath was usually taken in May. As they wanted to be as fresh as could be for the big day, the couple married soon after. The bride then upped her freshness by carrying a fragrant bouquet of blooms. It brings new meaning to the phrase “love is in the air” doesn’t it? Of course, body odor isn’t the only reason that bouquets became an official bridal accessory. If you really want to know where did the bouquet originate, we have to dig deeper. Here are some other reasons brides of the past carried bundles of flowers (and other things) down the aisle.


Banish Evil Spirits

Brides of the Middle Ages were very concerned with the possibility of evil spirits putting a damper on their marriage. As such, they carried herbs and spices in their bouquets to banish any wicked forces that may be lingering around.


Get the Couple In the Mood

Speaking of herbs being included with the flowers that the bride wore or carried down the aisle; they were added for another reason, too. In addition to warding off evil, herbs like dill were believed to be an aphrodisiac. Marigolds were thought to work well for this purpose as well.


Bless the Newlyweds

Sending good wishes to a newly married couple has always been the proper thing to do. The ancient Romans thought so too and incorporated flowers into wedding ceremonies because they were known as symbols of fertility, fidelity, and new beginnings.


Show Romantic Feelings

In the Victorian age people took to exchanging flowers to signify different feelings. During this time, meanings became attached to flowers, and they were often used to convey various emotions. Consequently, the bouquets that brides of the time carried were steeped in sentiment.


Protect the Bride

Long ago it was thought that brides were lucky and touching the bride or tearing off a piece of her outfit would give the grabber good fortune. There is some speculation that brides carried bouquets and then tossed them at the end of the wedding to distract guests from ambushing the bride.


Select the Right Bridal Bouquet for You

Many people assume that the bridal bouquet is just another piece of adornment, meant to dress up the bride and add to the overall decor. While this thought may be accurate today, originally bundles of flowers were carried for very different and often much less romantic reasons. No matter the origins, the custom led to the elegant tradition we carry on today. So now you no longer have to question, “where did the bouquet originate?” Brides of today can carry a bouquet for any number of reasons and attach as much or as little meaning to it as they choose.

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