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Boutonnieres are the ideal finishing touch for a groom on his wedding day. When you order wedding boutonnieres from The Bouqs Co., you can count on a unique design that’s as special as your big day.


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Wedding Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres: Lapel Flowers for Special Occasions

More than likely, you haven't thought about a corsage and boutonniere since you were getting ready for prom. Still, a boutonniere is a critical part of wedding planning. The French name for a flower bud that fits into one's buttonhole, the small floral display is now typically worn on the lapel of a suit, secured by boutonniere pins. While many traditional groom boutonniere arrangements featured a red carnation or a rosebud, modern styles often contain blossoms that match the bride's bouquet.

While small in size, choosing boutonnieres for weddings isn't easy, though. A groom's boutonniere should match the bridal party's bouquets while still highlighting his personality and taste. At the same time, the flower arrangement should match the style of the tuxedo he plans to wear.

Choosing the Best Floral Accent for a Suit Jacket

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