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Glamorous dahlias have grown to become some of the most popular wedding flowers. Pair the blossoms with garden roses and other blooms, or walk down the aisle with a simple dahlia wedding bouquet.

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Here Comes The Bouq

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Dahlia Wedding Flowers

Choosing Dahlias for Weddings

Dahlias may be an addition to contemporary wedding bouquets. Still, the beautiful flowers have a long history that dates back to ancient Aztec civilizations, where they were popular as food and ceremonial decor. Now, brides turn to the gorgeous blooms for a striking touch of texture at their big event. Thanks to their stunning symmetry and brilliant colors they elevate wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

That said, dahlias may not be the best fit for some couples. Historically, the blossoms are a symbol of inner strength, grace, and creativity. The delicate white, pink, burgundy, or yellow petals add an unrivaled burst of color when used in floral design. However, the temperamental flower can crumple without notice, making it a risky bet for some ceremonies and reception sites.

How to Care for a Dahlia Wedding Bouquet

Dahlias For Every Wedding Style

Are Dahlias Expensive Wedding Flowers?

Designing the Perfect Dahlia Bridal Bouquet


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