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Sweet peach blossoms guarantee that your big day will radiate love and romance. Use the soft sunset hue to accent your bouquets and decor, or create a warm glow with bouquets bursting with apricot-colored blooms from our floral stylists at The Bouqs Co.

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Peach Wedding Flowers

How to Decorate with Peach Flowers for Wedding Decor

Elegant peach flowers add an instant boost of luxury to your big day. However, many brides aren't sure how to use the color. It's not quite pink, but it's not yellow, either, so brides sometimes avoid peachy blooms in favor of a more traditional color.

Fortunately, our artisan floral designers are here to help with some of the best peach flower color combos.

Peach and Mint Green Wedding Flowers

Fresh peach and mint green flower arrangements will add a pop of color to your big day, especially if you've chosen a rustic theme. The colors are ideal for the spring or summer wedding flowers, too.

Peach and Blue Wedding Flowers

Capture the beauty of a summer sunset with a peach and blue bouquet. For a bright, boho feel, mix and match your flower selections with fresh greens and lace ties.

Peach and White Wedding Bouquets

Do you want a classic wedding combo with peach flowers? Pair your peachy blossoms with crisp white roses, carnations, or peonies for a dreamy accent piece.

The Most Popular Peach Flowers for Your Big Day

What Flowers Are Peach Color?

What Is the Meaning of Peach Flowers?


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