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Persephone Collection

Premium Stems Include
Peonies / Garden Roses / Roses / Lisianthus / Ranunculus / Ruscus

Available in pink.

This collection features seasonal peonies that are limited in availability. 

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Here Comes The Bouq

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Our new premium peony collections demonstrate that delicate balance between exuding breathtaking grace and being a show-stopping stunner - just like you!

Peonies are elegant, delicate flowers that bloom during a short window. Please note, due to the combination of their rarity and popularity, they tend to sell out each season. Our peonies are only available for events from November to January.

The peony flower symbolizes so many positive qualities, such as romance, love, beauty, honor, and wealth. It’s no wonder why they’re perfect for weddings! With their brilliant, bright hues and voluminous, feathery petals, these delicate pink peonies will definitely turn heads as they open.

Also, our peonies arrive fresh in bud form, which means you get to watch them elegantly transform into luxe, pillowy blooms bursting with color, texture, and gorgeousness, making these premium florals perfect for your Big Day.


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