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Affectionately known as "the rose of spring," vibrant ranunculuses feature dense layers of petals perfect for a simple bouquet or a bright, distinctive wedding arrangement.

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Ranunculus Wedding Flowers

Ranunculus Bride's Bouquets

Ranunculus have quite the history. Courting couples in Victorian England would send the thickly petaled, vividly colored flowers as a way to express love, attraction, and kindness. Since then, the versatile flower has become a staple on kitchen countertops, coffee tables, and in wedding bouquets.

The tissue-thin petals and bursts of color allow bold brides to mix and match their color palettes with ease. The long, delicate stems and clustered, rounded blossoms add a touch of contemporary romance to wedding day decor. They work great for yellow wedding arrangements or peach bridal bouquets.

Most importantly, ranunculus blossoms have a two-week vase life, adding a touch of effortlessness to the wedding planning process. Though their growing season is short, with flowers reaching peak maturity in the early spring, our team of sustainable farmers and artisan florists at The Bouqs Co. can source the flowers all year long.

Ranunculus works well as an accent flower or centerpiece for any type of arrangement, including:

  • Ranunculus bouquet for the bride
  • Ranunculus bridesmaid bouquet
  • Large ranunculus centerpieces
  • Ranunculus and peony wedding bouquet
  • Ranunculus and rose wedding flowers
  • Ranunculus wedding corsages

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