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Red wedding flowers combine passion, romance, and classic elegance into a single blossom. The vivid, fiery blooms come in a vast array of shapes, sizes, and hues. Each eye-catching blossom can be the focal point in a red wedding bouquet or an accent in a red and white arrangement.

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Red Wedding Flowers

The Most Popular Flowers For Red Wedding Bouquets

Standard Red Roses

There's nothing more traditional than a red rose wedding bouquet. The velvety petals and rich colors classically signify love and passion, while the durable bloom can withstand a walk down the aisle followed by hours of celebrating your romance.

Red Garden Roses

Lacy garden roses feature dense layers of petals and wide, jaw-dropping blossoms. Create a luscious bouquet with peonies and garden roses, or use the dreamy blossoms to add texture to your utterly romantic floral arrangements.

Red Calla Lilies

Red calla lily blooms add a touch of elegance to your wedding flowers. The sculpted, delicate flower comes in several red shades, and some even feature a slight ombre effect, with a bright red center gradually darkening as it reaches the burgundy edges.

Red Peonies

Peonies and roses are often in competition as the most popular wedding flower, but we think both deserve center stage in wedding bouquets. The lacy blossoms add unmatched presence to a bouquet, while the hues, ranging from almost-pink to deep burgundy, suit a variety of color palettes in all seasons of the year.

How Do I Choose Flowers for a Red and White Wedding Bouquet?

What Are the Best Red Wedding Flowers?

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