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It's All About the Peonies

From weddings to table centerpieces, you have definitely seen these ruffled beauties everywhere. With their voluminous, feathery petals and bright, bright hues, what’s not to love about them?

To get your peonies to look their best, read below for care tips, what to expect with your peony order, and how to make your peony centerpieces petal perfection.


To get your peonies up to goddess level, here are a few things to know about this seasonal bloom.

Tip 1: Be Prepared For Bulbs


Our peonies are sustainably grown and shipped in bulb form. This means these flowers will arrive in a tightly closed ball, like the flower on the right in the image above, instead of fully bloomed and will need time to hydrate and open.

Pro-Tip: If you find that your peonies are not opening quickly enough, place stems in hot water (but not too hot!).

Tip 2: Hydrate, But Not Too Long


For proper water absorption, trim the bottom of the stems at a 45 degree angle before putting them into their vase. It may take between 1-2 days to fully open.

Peonies that are more open upon arrival will bloom very quickly and should not be overhydrated. If necessary, store your peonies separately from the rest of your flower stems, depending on bloom speed.

Tip 3: Flower Color Matters


Did you know that the color of a flower may determine how quickly it will bloom? White and lighter color peonies will need 1-2 days to hydrate and fully bloom, whereas pink peony bulbs need 3-4 days to reach their bloom potential.

Tip 4: Contact Us


We want to make sure you absolutely love your peony wedding flowers. In addition to sending you a few extra peonies (just in case!), we also have some online resources to help you prepare. If you have additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us immediately.


When are peony collections available for delivery?

We wish we could offer these highly coveted beauties all year round, but unfortunately, peonies are very seasonal flowers so due to their high demand and seasonality, we only have peonies for a short time. Our Peony Collections - Aphrodite, Persephone, and Dionysus - are available for delivery between November 1, 2021 and January 31, 2022, perfect for couples with an upcoming fall or winter wedding. If you're looking for a similar flower with a different delivery window, we recommend garden roses.

Are peonies safe for pets?

Peonies, like lilies, daffodils, and tulips, are among the flowers known to cause mild to severe reactions in pets if ingested. We strongly advise against sending these flowers to places where animals may come in contact with them. Please consult a veterinarian or other expert if you have any doubt or questions. We recommend keeping all Bouqs flowers and plants out of reach of pets for their safety.

My peonies look like golf balls - what do I do?

Peonies look like tiny bulbs when delivered which is totally normal! For proper water absorption, trim the bottom of each stem at a 45 degree angle before putting them into their vase. It may take between 1-2 days to fully open to reveal their soft, fluffy petals. For express blooming, place peony stems into hot (but not scalding) water.

What is the best vase for peony arrangements?

Peonies may be top-heavy, meaning there will be more weight at the top of the flower then the bottom. To ensure your peony centerpieces stand up straight, we recommend a vase with a sturdy vase.

What happens if not all my peony bulbs bloom?

To ensure that your wedding flowers are everything you were hoping for, we include a few extra peonies with every order, just in case! Our team of floral experts is also here to coach you through peony care and make sure your wedding flowers look absolutely stunning. For questions about your peony order or peony care, please contact us.


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